About TokYou Sushi

Tokyo Sushi and Seafood is the brainchild of Piotr Wojakowski, a fully qualified chef, originally from Poland but living in the Skibbereen area for the last thirteen years.

Piotr's Story

When Piotr originally came to the area he worked for Field’s Supervalu Skibbereen on their fish counter. Piotr worked there for twelve years but had a hankering to try something for himself. After a holiday in Poland Piotr returned to Field’s but having evaluated his life he knew he had to find an outlet to pursue his own aspirations in the food sector.

Piotr spent a month last January in Tokyo, just before we were thrust headlong into the current health crisis. He attended the Tokyo Sushi Academy and followed the intensive but inspiring course gaining their certificate of competence. The experience was brilliant, Piotr gained so much knowledge from the course as well as mingling with other attendees who came from all parts of the globe to complete the course.

Although Piotr returned briefly to the supermarket job his heart was not in it so in April he took the plunge to venture out and join the ranks of the self employed, just as the pandemic was about to bite.

Authentic Sushi - in West Cork

The sushi is made at a shared kitchen in New Bridge Park, Skibbereen and is delivered by Piotr to food premises throughout West Cork in late afternoon. At the moment Piotr is making the sushi and doing the deliveries himself as he tries to grow the business.

Tokyou Sushi and Seafood specializes in gluten free, Vegan and Vegetarian sushi. Apart from fresh quality sushi Piotr also makes seafood platters. The original plan was to develop the business for parties, weddings and functions, unfortunately the original plan has had to be put on hold with the current health restrictions but Piotr anticipates this will be a goal for the future.

As Piotr’s business takes off he will look for a more suitable premises to produce from so that he can expand the business.

Tokyou Sushi and Seafood can be contacted on 087 297 1975. The company can be found on Facebook and Instagram